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These COCONUT/CHOCOLATE      NO BAKE BROWNIES   are made with organically   grown ingredients.
wheat free/vegan. 
no sugar added.

1.5 ounces per unit.
$5.00per brownie.
To place an order
call/text 321-312-0880
or email request at


Organically grown almonds
Organic Cacao
Organic Coconut Oil
Organic Coconut Flakes
Organic Stevia extract
Organic Dates


If you love chocolate, These are sure to please.

Great if you are trying to kick your sugar habit.

Leaves you happy and satisfied.

Tasty on-the-go snack.

Meet the kitchen
The no bake coconut/chocolate
are handmade, individually wrapped and guaranteed fresh. These brownies are made in a cottage food operation setting. Sofie Geckler  has a food management certificate, and comes from a family of restaurant owners.

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Please email your testimony through the contact page. Thank you.


Leisa P.

Sofie's no bake brownies are rich in chocolate taste and good for you. The layers of flavors unfold after the first bite.
Great to fulfill that sweet tooth craving or just a mid-day snack without the guilt.

Jonathan B.

 I definitely love Sofie’s no bake brownies.
For me I was able to brake my nightly sugar fix. Simple, honest and delicious.

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